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4 More Years?
50 Cent
A Face for TV - (Everyday Media)
Adieu _ Last Words Out
AE Exec Neighbor-Friend on The Apprentice _ + AE = good
Christine Aguilera Sings Anthem at Pittsburgh Penguins Home Opener
An interesting question for Condi
"Arrest the wacky"
A U.S. President at the House
A village clock in the tower of a church
Bass Masters
beacon light _ consistency
recent concert review: Liz Berlin (of Rusted Root)
Best Hair _ for female news anchors _ cable and non
Unforgivable Blackness
Difference Between Bon Jovi CD and Shrink Wrap Velveta Singles????
cool boots, Karin
Brian's youth on the Factor _ no spin zone _ Plus alarming news on CNN
Britan's Deportation Policy _ Spewing Hate _ What if U.S.
broadcast light
BTK's poetry really sucks - Big time.
President Bush in Pittsburgh yesterday
conflicted case
Circulation & Choice _ Best Hair for female news anchors cable and non
clarity changes w/ the times
"We Won't Get Fooled Again" _ Yea, Heidi Collins
Colonel Cowan
complete top five morning news anchors _ cable and non
coney island _ bump & grind
credit where credit is due
Cruise control _ say oui!
Dear Jack: A Joke But No Laughing Matter
Defining the Presidency for Remembrance
devilish angel
Do you wanna
the doors of perception
know the facts before youu argue your point
Dr. Fawaz Gerges_Democracy, Islam, and the Arab World
Drowning in the Ohio
E.D. Hill _ the way you look today
E.D. Hill
John Edwards
is there life beyond eminem?
entertainment properties _ the machine is broke _ in the end it's the story
Excellent Media Coverage and Insight
Favorite Footage of President and First Lady
Feedback: on new site and Jay Farrar, Ryan Adams and Moist Boyz @ Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA
Flowers in L.A. from the Parisian
FNC's Weapon Against Flipping
Footage of CNN Cultural Correspondent at AER on Fox News Weekend shown on Sunday
Forgiveness for the Catholic Church
Friday, July 29, 2005 @ L.A. House of Blues is the blessed
George W. better than Reagan
Gitmo and War in Iraq
good interview w/ senator
good show _ didn't flip once
Happy Death-Day, James Douglas Morrsion (Dec. 8, 1943 - July 3, 1971)
Headline News _ Fox & Friends
Fox & Friends _ Headline News
Heaven Can Wait
Hemmer is cool
Hesitating Beauty
Hillary is no dummy _ more offense
home for the holidays
Home Grown Terror Watch
Hurricane Katrina Benefit and other upcoming shows
I Played Bass for Thelonious Monk
the ignorance and arrogance of man
i know i'm watching too much FNC
I'm hooked
insight from E.D.
iPod for President George W. _playlist 60's & 70's music & alike_ covered on Fox & Friends
"iPod One" _ "Music Is My Maker"
I love NY _ Rocked Sold Out Shows at Irving PLaza _ Off & Into NYC Streets
is it possible to watch too much FNC?
Jack Vs. that O'Reiley Punk
Jim Morrison's Death-Day
Joe Namath and the Witches in PA _ True Story _ Happy Halloween
(+ ) _ Julie Banderas
Julie Banderas
Juliet is so punk rock
Juliet's clairvoyant experience last week
juliette lewis and the licks rocks mr. small's
Juliet Things
just kidding
Karyn Bryant
today's show almost makes up for Kathy Lee
Kiran _
kiss ass yes men like Author Bernard Goldberg _ stupid books _ screwing up America
know the facts before youu argue your point
Larry, you rock! - a little question here -
Lately (a little secret)
Listing _ Top 15 Hottest Female News Reporters, Anchors & News Personalities _ Meet the Author
media coverage
what's missing now?
MOJO AID in NYC _ support for hurricane victims
Mon, 12 Sep
money where your mouths are
Morning show wars heat up _ CNN.com
nailing it
New Day
New York, Paris, Death Day
new book to include some email to Fox & Friends
NHL Draft _ Pittsburgh Penguins Top Pick
nice job
no chatter
okay - you got me
on high
Only the Poet _ Only the Poet
part two _ (why i like your show) _ hanging out w/ famous folks
part two _ hanging out w/ famous folk
got passion?
secret tapes _ presidential perception
Prayer Song _
presidential diplomacy
Priorties to Prevent and Track Down Terror
Reply from FNC Anchor _ RE: Steve _ Peter Sellers and Kevin Kline
Psycho Insurgency: an evening beyond the walls of the Warhol & in my head
question of the day
rain gear
Rating the President's Speech
RE: Steve _ Peter Sellers and Kevin Kline
rebuilding -new communities from the heart of the south-
Reply from FNC Anchor _ RE: Steve _ Peter Sellers and Kevin Kline
Return of the King
right down the middle _ right or wrong _ G8 _ what does anarchy do
Robin & Soledad this Saturday morn Rita coverage
Save Ourselves
Scott O'Grady story _ missing Navy Seal
cool segment
Send Me On My Way _ Penn State University off the hook _ Rocked that town
Shit Together
Shooting Cats
New Day
Heidi and Bill instead of Bill and Soledad
Steve _ Peter Sellers and Kevin Kline
Stocking Stuffers for Juliet
Suzzane Malveaux
Suzzane Malveaux
Taxation Without Representation
taxi cabs
no fear of terror
terror watch list and buying guns
Thank God for People Like John Lennon
the conjuror
the importance of resources for intelligence _ transition from War on Drugs to War on Terror
Tom, Brooke, Insanity, Dependency, Narcissism and Psycho-tropics
tomato plant called Juliet
Top 15
Top Three (3) Hottest CNN Female Anchors
as if "touched"
Unknown _ 6/15/05 Today
vending machines_the Gov. of Cali._Coca-Cola Co.
WallStreet Journal
watching way too much FNC
We Are Family
Wed, 14 Sep
Western PA Football - Feeding the League
what women want: priceless flattery
When does bias become slander? _ Article contradicts "live" video and actual experience
"Whoever controls the media, controls the mind."
will Bill Cowher ever "close the deal" and win a Super Bowl for Pittsburgh???
yeah, Pittsburgh isn't so bad to live in
Yoko Ono on CNN w/ Heidi Collins
your recent airport experience _ mean people suck _
your show
Zero Tolerance In General

Sent Poetry

"A"-List Squabble
Itís Alright
American Beauty
American Morning

beautiful nobody
Blood of the Lamb
Bon Giorno

Bruised HWY
Cafe La Fortuna Daydream
Circle of Roses
Destined Killers
Dr. Georgia
Fin de partie
Free Fall
(New York, New York)

Hurricane Rain
It feels Pretty Good
Kicking Television
Kool Aid Not Required
Larry, it just wouldn't be CNN w/ out you

12 Separate Suns
$1,000.00 Bills
Morning Sun

Newspapers Not Enough to Read
(New York, New York)
On Our Way
One Thing You Can Count On

Paige Hopkins
I Played Bass for Thelonious Monk
Pure Evil
rebuilding the heart of the south
Red Colored Rose
The St. Regis Hotel - New York

Rue 57
Running Water

Secret of the Sea
softly biting
So Simple
Ode to Spring

Sun Covered Leaves
The Queen of Now:PrimeTimePaula
The St. Regis Hotel - New York
Time Square

Tuesday Rock & Roll
Twilight of the Idols

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