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Date: Wed, 16 Jun  2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: clarity changes w/ the times
To: now@cnn.com


Hey, listen, listen, man,
you all know I am a republican, right? ..campaigned for Gov Tommy Thompson while attending Marquette U., I live in Sewickley (Edgeworth) and it is so very republican that it's a little slice of heaven but, we must change w/ the times and use our "intelligence" for a real War such as Terror.
Seriously, if I were having a conversation with three people I have immense respect for such as the President, the Vice President and Ms. Rice, I would say, I think you're a doing a great job - God Bless & Protect You - The War On Terror is very real and most likely worse in the mind of our enemies than what our light hearts can imagine. PLease remember to be grateful for what we have and the support we have gained from many - even across the isle - to lead this country with efficacy, integrity and might. In order to do so we have to look at the budget as if it were in the hundreds of dollars - Where we waste resources, we need to be responsible and change that.
For example, the liberals/dirty hippies that once opposed "war" - Where our Admin once used these hippie lifestyle choices to threaten civil liberaties by severe punishment - These same type of folks are now for War to keep us safe - They are for the War on Terror - And, may even outspend you in using intelligence as prevention and offensive to keep our glorious country free!
These folks are potential voters for the republican party if we keep our priorties straight!
Let's be realistic, clear and concise - fair and balanced. We owe it to ourselves.
Best always,

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