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Date: Wed, 2 Nov  2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: juliette lewis and the licks rocks mr. small's
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last night as i sat in the vip vip section of the theatre - looking down at this invigorated, accomplished actress - now on stage as a rock star musician - i thought to myself - this experience is going to inspire me - lend its energy to me and provide me w/ a new perspective  and invigorate my tomorrow because it's already working for me now -
ms. juliette lewis captured the respect and imaginations of her audience, the theatre staff & mng. and me as well - pretty much all of the boys and girls wanted to - well, allot of the venues crew would have liked to get in on that bus and just roll w/ her or have her stay even as much as they see people roll in and out day after day and night after night - yet, when ms. juliette's big-wheeled-wagon's engine started on a dime, there was a lament for the loss of her special presence - http://www.mystrawhat.com
TUE 11/01 Juliette and the Licks with Tsar, Adam Evil and the Outside Royalty 8:00 pm ALL AGES
Anybody, in any language, can get off on rock and roll music,” declares Juliette and the Licks leader Juliette Lewis. “I love the idea of bringing everybody together through music, that music is this unifying force, a truly universal language.” The Licks have put their money where their mouths are, playing all over Europe, where Juliette has confirmed: “All you need to hear is that drum beat and that pumping guitar riff and it’s on.” Juliette’s body language, too, speaks volumes. “I’m not just gonna stand there and look pretty – I’m gonna make you feel something,” she insists.
www.julietteandthelicks.com | Purchase Tickets online | by phone: 800.594.TIXX


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