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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: the ignorance and arrogance of man
To: friends@foxnews.com


scenario a).
everything from The Bible is literal. we were placed here by God of the old and new testament. There are some men that are so art thou holy that they have all the answers and should not be questioned. Some women are almost there but they are not men and therefore less superior.
these men form large governments, religious institutions, academic institutions and corporations that rule and dictate how human behavior will be for the rest of us. and if we don't like it or live by it there are laws that will place "bad" people in correctional institutions.
oil refineries are built along coasts to defy the natural laws of nature (not to mention common sense) and grand cities and town as well. (i saw pictures of a beautiful Victorian Galveston, TX which once was - now no longer there) all of this built by men who were placed here by God and are already chosen for Heaven.
scenario b).
we pulled ourselves from the muck. we've learned to walk upright and adapt to our environment. life isn't perfect and we still have our troubles but the ego of the ape who has learned to walk, talk, build cities and town and rule over other tribes is blinded by his vanities and sense of importance - fury, rage, desire still beckons and calls in nightmarish dreams and subconscious ramblings, emotions, twitches.
scenario c). some believe in God. some believe and maybe even pray, oh Lord, Great Creator of Being, grant us one more day to live and perfect our art.  some believe in God but also believe that existence proceeds essence and that we were sort of randomly placed here and we all should be responsible for our own actions. and all that "the crowd", institutions, "the herd", the masses follow through on, believe in, dictate and demand at times, live by and think is the most correct - isn't always so. and individuals persecuting for thinking differently our out casted, ostracized, victimized and not let to be successful - even though the world we live in, the reality we consider reality may have been a much more better place to be and exist within. these people are in the minority and have to walk a fine line - because of the apes w/ egos and the ones who feel divinely chosen by God to lead and smite all in their path to achieve their version of heaven.
some of us feel alienated, alone, random placed here - radiating radio waves to other stars - for a hidden form of communication to sing in harmony, ".. who do you think you are - a super star - well, right you are - well we all shine on like the moon and stars and the sun.."


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