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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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I felt like

If I didn't have

A guitar to play

I'd puke all the sounds

Of acid being secreted - of

Someone not quite alright

At home but not all there


It's been hours

I've been traveling days

Gotta push myself

To make it

All clear


I'll play for you

To downplay being uptight

To stop from puking

And cool your subtle



I play a little different.

I play to heal.

On my way

I found Manny's Music

Off of Time Square

I played a Martin

That was powder blue

An Americana print

In red, white and blue

It was a guitar

And I played something

For you, for me

Something from my soul

That was untangling me

So that I may be true

To my spirit

True to my path

True to the ideal of you

Like a Shakespearean dart


July 22, 2005

John A. Conte` JR

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