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Date: Sun, 5 Dec 200412:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: Headline News _ Fox & Friends
To: friends@foxnews.com


Juliet, at least you have those guys around you for comic relief. We know who drives the show - (you, E.D., Kiran, Page and Lauren). And I might even contact the Warhol Museum here in Pittsburgh to see if they would do an exhibit on the Shoes of the Women of Fox News -(Warhol was from Pittsburgh and received his commercial start w/ shoes and it remained a favorite fun theme w/ him).
In all seriousness, I have become a fan of Fox and Friends. At first it was a little difficult to get accustomed to like Cognac or a pungent French cheese or something. But, now, I watch daily and especially like the weekend edition - It's a bit "campy." The other shows rub me the wrong way because it's like having my news brought to me by Archie Bunker.
Headline News
it was the worst flood in the city's history
a devastating act of mother nature
and he couldn't cover it
he was stuck.
roads were shut down.
- flashing lights; no answers
"keep it moving!"
a block away and on this very day
a cult leader had 22 babies -
he claimed he was about to kill
if he didn't get his way.
the fanatical leader felt he needed to
decree that all cell phones be smashed
- as they were jamming his transmission -
he couldn't reach the mother ship and
holding the babies for captive was
all he could - all he could to focus
the 33 year old newscaster sniffed it out
as he was a block or two away
and was on the scene in no time
- there to capture this live.
and it was the flood of biblical proportions
and one of the fanatical spaceship cults
which occupied my headline news
- live from today - these americana blues
-John A. Conte` JR- http://mystrawhat.com 
$%^%$#@!)&( ^%$#@!%&&*((&^$ ##@!!^&*(&

Free Tibet
It's before dawn
A foghorn blows from the river
In the distance a train rocks the tracks
There's a snowstorm in Chicago
And I'm here in Pittsburgh
And I can feel it
I am meditating
Practicing subtle yoga poses
Deep in prayer
Deep in morning prayer
And it comes to me
It comes to me so I can
Write and share it in vain
If we free Tibet
We will be living up to our greatest
Potential as human be-ings.
That is it. That is why
This is so imperatively important.
You may laugh but you're only
Laughing at yourself and
The fear you have of be-ing free
Free Tibet.
So we may all be free.
By holding back Tibet's freedom,
Civilizations as we know it is stagnant
Like water of a small filthy pond
November 25, 2004
With Love -
Thank you Dalai Lama -
May your kingdom in Lhasa be free
-John A. Conte` JR- http://mystrawhat.com 

$%^%$#@!)&( ^%$#@!%&&*((&^$ ##@!!^&*(&
Bet on Bull in the Heather
I am my own t.v. show
So what - I know
So what - I know
I am my own t.v. show
Where you look at me
And feel tickled w/ feathers
Bet on Bull in the Heather
With tickled metallic feet
Bet on Bull in the Heather
Some dude dressed in leather
But she's really you
- (Barely human) -
A segment on t.v.
A figment of what could be
If you were free
Pictures of you and me
In all this concrete
Shunning disease
Killing t.v.
Betting on Bull in the Heather
Tickling fancy feet w/ feathers
Nov. 24, '04
-John A. Conte` JR- http://mystrawhat.com  
$%^%$#@!)&( ^%$#@!%&&*((&^$ ##@!!^&*(&
It sets a mood.
The Hall is grand and
Spiked w/ austere demeanor.
Patrons are elegantly dressed
And festive w/ holiday spirit
A woman drinks from a glass
Red lip stick is left behind
Jungle red - like a lion's head -
When all is pale and scattered
-(music from thin air)-
Magic. Magic. Magic.
-John A. Conte` JR- http://mystrawhat.com  
$%^%$#@!)&( ^%$#@!%&&*((&^$ ##@!!^&*(&
the editor kept calling
- kept demanding for what was prepaid
and it was 11 days late -
"that pompous pre-madonna piece of literary shit,"
the balding editor disclaimed while slamming
the door to the office bar - bottles shook.
and the editor continued to char his brain like
a lit cigar.
a well liked rock star, on top of his game,
enjoyed the mellow days of sun spotted dreams
and playing guitars.
the article sat before him -
yet he wasn't getting too far -
the cursor hadn't moved for hours -
22 shots also sat before him
and he didn't know if he should drink
or pull the god-damn fucking trigger
his organic cotton t-shirt read,
"we belong to the earth -
earth does not belong to us."
-chief seattle-
-John A. Conte` JR- http://mystrawhat.com  
$%^%$#@!)&( ^%$#@!%&&*((&^$ ##@!!^&*(&
You Never Know
it was tomorrow
he cooked her bacon & eggs
(turkey bacon)
patted down by a paper towel.
he died three hours later
-John A. Conte` JR- http://mystrawhat.com  
$%^%$#@!)&( ^%$#@!%&&*((&^$ ##@!!^&*(
This collection of poems are to be used in new book of poems, These Americana Blues.

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