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Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Perception
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Do you think there are some folks out there who read these Woody Guthrie lyrics or hear the song that Jeff Tweedy and Wilco put together w/ these unrecorded Woddy Guthrie words and get upset, pissed, elevated blood pressure and red faced?
And then again some folks who read these words are humbled by chills from the images painted and brought to life by the understanding and deep rushing river passion and compassion these words manifest - The truth of these words - The truth that man committed sin against man in the name of God, in the name of family, tradition and southern culture -
And now it is time to rebuild these uprooted communities that were built on false pretenses - values and norms - rebuild w/ out the old rusted chain links that had echoed and haunted these streets and old cotton fields, plantations, holding cells and jails.
It's time to build a community on just and solid foundations, principles and equal opportunity for all. If not, it ain't worth rebuilding.
Feed of Man

If you beat up, you butcher, and you bleed a man
You bang up and badger and blood-let a man
And then I come along
On the feet of man
And halfway laugh and cry
About the meat of man

And I do what I can
To bale string and tie
Some ballad truths
Up and cured out
For the feed of man

Folks try to tell me
That it's on God's orders
That you bleed your man
It's on God's good word that you
Bleed your man
On God's plan print
That you dead a man
Or spit and curse and whip your man

I say I'll help you squeeze and fix yourself up a
A new kind of God of some kind

One that tells you
Fertilize and multiply
One that tells you
Outsow and outblow
Outplant and outgrow
Outdo, and outrun, and outclimb, and outspread
Every other tree and bush
And brushy fruits and flower petals
Outfruit them all
For the feed of man

Outstalk and outhunt and outthink
For God's own sweet sake, outthink! Outthink!
Outthink the fruits
Outgrow these animal kinds and shapes of man
It you miss and go down
Your dust will turn up on that long hot job
Once more again

To help in the feeding and the seed of man
And not in the bleeding and the end of man

found on:
Mermaid Avenue Volume 2

words: Woody Guthrie

debuted/last played: performance history

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