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Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Fame
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Fame: it's a strange thing now isn't it? I like thinking of unconventional fame. I mean, there are those obvious famous people like Britney and Christina and Paris - but, allot this this is synthetically produced and not of an organic nature. Britney and Christina were desperate for fame and were basically as children programmed for fame by the big corporate machine - which in a way is still responsible for their fame. Staying power? Well, I think you need organic fame for this most of the time and this lies the more tricky and strange organic fame.

 I believe some people are born w/ fame. Sure maybe born into a famous family but it's more than that for me - I see how some people can be born famous - There's "something" about them and some can make it by navigating themselves so that the rest of us can find their fame - like - get to know who they are - become aware of them. This could take time or not. And even if these people do not achieve world wide fame (like being on or mentioned on Fox & Friends) they are still somehow known within their own sleepy little town and there's still something about them.

 Take Jim Morrison - There was something about him - And he could of gone many ways - But because of his keen navigational skills he became Jim Morrison of the World Famous Doors - Dead Poet Laughing with the soul of a magical clown in an organic, spiritual universe. It just took a while for people to get to know his name. And, in and by and of his death - he became and remains world wide famous and is burned into the imaginative fabric of pop culture like Andy Warhol. Andy surely was always famous - you see, for some of us just the way we think and perceive things - perceive and live life and influence others is in essence real poetry - you can say that these people have a famous way of looking at things, feeling things, saying and doing things w/ a special, magical intent that isn't associated w/ any debt to weigh you down. Some of us make main stream consciousness and some of us don't.

 Wallace Fowlie, James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of French and Italian Literature, Duke University, (please type in his name in Yahoo search or read his NY Times Obituary if you aren't familiar w/ this treasure hidden beneath the facade of cheesy stardom) once told me that I have the ability to fire off history like Whitman, the sexual imagery of Henry Miller and the navigational skills of Jim Morrison.

 Cheers, Old Sports!

John French





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