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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Yoko Ono on CNN w/ Heidi Collins
To: am@cnn.com
Seeing Yoko Ono on CNN w/ Heidi Collins was very cool.

CNN is awesome. I watch it quite often and almost think of it as part of my thirty-something lifestyle.


Yet, my "geeky" intellectual questioning does not allow me appeasement - And, as it's my nature, I feel the need to "scratch the surface" and get-to-know a little more. Kind of like the "all access" pass that I've become accustomed to "on the road."


Specifically, I possess a respect and liking for the hard working "movers" like Paula Zahn, Bill Hemmer and Heidi Collins and would like to see a documentary type segment on one or all three. If I had to pick one, it would, of course, be Paula -as I think she is one of the best things about TV right now. Nevertheless, I would really like to see Paula, Bill and Heidi because I do think that all three are hard working, in-touch, "movers."


For example, some of the things my wife and I would like to know about are

-how long to they prepare?

-what types of things do they use to prepare?

-how much in-put do they have?

-hair and wardrobe?

-are clothes proivded?

-are styles suggested?

-how do they get their dry cleaning done w/ working all the time?

-how do they get common house-hold things done w/ working all the time?

-what do they do to stay "in touch" and informed?

-what kind of music do they like?

-what kinds of foods and places to dine do they like?

-what kind of brands do they like?

-what's a typical and untypical work day and work week like?

-do they still get nervous?

-what do they think is the best part of their job?

-what do they think is the best part of being them?


Thank you for your attention.


Best intent,




Football Saturdays


a crowd blossomed

in front of the stadium


it was nearly kickoff

and sun blanketed the town


mountains nestled

town people & strangers

like a brother w/ big shoulders

& a congenial disposition


they were feverishly

foxy on three levels

and it wasn’t the devil

nor anyone from his descent


it was more religious than magical.

if religion used to be the opium

of the people before communist Russia,

then, today, football is our opium.


we drank, laughed and cheered.

the boy next to me said his father

called him his good luck charm


and, the way i perceived it,

he was.


penn state won


and we found night to be

equally magically delicious


JAC JR September 13, 2004





tumors grew in his body.

they were malignant

and were black & cancerous.

did he even deserve it?


he was quite famous.

worked his fingers to the bone

for everything he didn’t care

if he ever owned


he ate salads all day – drank fruit.

it’s never too late.

he became better.

a healing star crossed his path


it was her.

her in love from 1850

still there as she

performed a harmonic surgeory


it was a speedy recovery.

after they married.

“ebony & ivory”

BF surgeon & WM banker


-it was blessed by a Shaman-


JAC JR September 13, 2004



Piano Tuner


It’s “late night”

-after hours-


The early a.m.

is a phantastic



Below a hotel

window, people



Sidewalks crawl

like gentle



Dogs aren’t barking

they are laughing

colors of turquoise

- sea green & clear



What do you look for

in a college town?


The apple of knowledge

hangs ripe & low

off these trees here


What you need

We got


Roaming souls

unleashed & in tune

when we open up

this piano

And just play

-some music-

Some music

that’s real



like a piano tuner

in a college


w/ old

taverns &



Life sings

terrible songs


-terribly beautiful-

& inspiring

numbers that

were worked

on in desolate


& in solitude.


Some in vain.

Some born

to endless

night - some

to daybreaking


& headache

in full light



I’ve been


off the back

porch again

into the



Will you




JAC JR September 12, 2004



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