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Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Feedback: on new site and Jay Farrar, Ryan Adams and Moist Boyz @ Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA
To: info@highroadtouring.com

Dear Frank Riley and Team:
You're new site really does a great job in reflecting the totally cool viable business you have created - Loose & fun and, yet, tight & highly professional - Like a finely tuned machine made for the road - w/ a mission to edify, enlighten, elate and elevate the heart, mind, soul & spirit through words & music from city to city, town to town, toll after toll.
I have felt compelled to send you an email after seeing Jay Farrar and then Ryan Adams & The Cardinals at my good friends' (Liz Berlin of Rusted Root - ready for fall leg of tour http://www.rustedroot.com - and, Liz's husband, Mike Speranzo, ProAm Skateboarder, musician and entrepreneur) Mr. Smalls Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA http://www.mrsmalls.com
Well, especially, since seeing the Moist Boyz the other night on 9/11 and a couple of us going out and hanging w/ Mickey - drinking some beers, shootin' the shit and just having some really cool conversation on Pittsburgh's South Side, I just had to email you and tell you how I've enjoyed a few of your acts which I consider cream of your crop.
It was awesome to listen to Jay Farrar backstage sing Uncle Tupelo's John Hardy off No Depression and hang out after the show and listen to him bang sweetly on the so out-of-tune piano in one of Small's living areas. Farrar's show was like an interesting wine from Sonoma, CA - earthy, mellow textures w/ an intense flavorful vibrations like an aromatic dream - At times during the show I shut my eyes, laid my head back and just enjoyed being subtly and non-non-chalantly blown away by sound and the power of unleashed words.
For Ryan Adams, I noted the admiration and respect from Liz Berlin (who happened to be at this show) and very much enjoyed listening from her vantage point on the balcony - watching with enthusiasm - listening to one of the best and brightest of our generation. So inspired was I from Mr. Ryan's show that I included these lines in a piece called Psycho Insurgency written for my ninth book called Everyday Media made up of poems and emails sent into major news programs, in which, on occasion, I was even rewarded with by responses from anchors -

"She was as exciting

as her shoes and had a

great smile. I liked the way

she shook hands and said,

"I'm Emily." I felt as if

I was meeting Emily Dickinson.


Dripping wet w/ rock-n-roll from

the night before - high w/ the

vibrations and light above

the balcony of the renovated

church now Mr. Small's Theatre

manifesting love his songs

lingering in front of stain glass

walls - glimpses of lightening

from the storm outside & together

- We, caught in collective

consciousness, sending it

all on its way to you - for you -

for ourselves. Dripping wet

like the dollar bill I found this morn

in a puddle of fresh rain water

while one of the local heiresses

drove bye & witnessed my memories"


Ryan is something else. It's almost one of those things hard to explain like ADC (after-death-communication, pure energy, telepathy, radio waves from earthly bodies made of stardust)... Let's just say I think he is a wonderful writer and musician and I am still overwhelmed by his performance at Mr. Small's Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA.


The Moist Boyz just rocked the shit out of me! Mickey is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen and makes me laugh at the antics Eddie Van Halen tries to pan-off on people - (which so many suckers bought). When I listen to Dean Ween and watch him go off and also have an appreciation for his attitude toward the cheesy facade of rock stardom and then recall Eddie Van Halen, the meaning behind Tweedy's Uncle Tupelo song off Anodyne "We've Been Had" rings so so true and clear.


Not to mention how cool this band is from its musicians, to techs, to roadies, sound, and management - They let me take "archival" footage (which I have been taking for Liz & Mike of Mr. Small's Funhouse, Liz's solo band and Rusted Root since 2001). It amazes and inspires me that someone can push the envelope that fucking far and yet be so somehow together, disciplined and motivated as Mickey. He is one of the finest of guitar players and rockers.


There you have it. Ode to High Road Touring by a hard working man who has allot to be grateful for - And I do - And I am grateful - everyday.


In conclusion, Good will triumph over evil - I know, I know. Light is of an ancient existence that vibrates w/ the purest of energies and evil is just a notion, an emotion in the hearts and minds of men and women.


One last thing, we'd love, love, love to see Jeff Tweedy at Mr. Small's Theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best intent,




P.S. The pic is in Chicago over the 2002 holidays on tour w/ Rusted Root.




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