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Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: iPod for President George W. _playlist 60's & 70's music & alike_ covered on Fox & Friends
To: MorningCall@CNBC.com

Man, that iPod for President George W. needs updated a bit w/ current bands that resemble 60's and 70's music.
Uncle Tupelo is really something - they have a legendary cult following and are credited w/ creating Alt. Country as a viable music genre. The two founders, Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy, passionately came to dislike each other and still do - And maybe it has increased since Jay Farrar's band Son Volt although viable but not as viable as Jeff Tweedy's band Wilco (the story well covered of its unconventional, back door success that stumped the industry and had big Warner Execs fired - because that's just how out of touch they most of the time are). And you can't get anymore Americana than the Woody Guthrie lyrics and poetry that his daughter Nora put in the hands of British rocker activist Billy Bragg who immediately solicited Jeff Tweedy and Wilco (and Natalie Merchant for a song on both CDs Mermaid Ave volume 1&2). Influences - Neil Young, Flying Burrito Brothers, Graham Parsons, early Jagger-Richards Rolling Stones, Grateful Dea and good polished honest punk rock.
Rusted Root, of course, is the biggest and badest of the current bands that emulate 60's and 70's music (yet w/ it's own alternative primal twist for a timeless cleansing) - having been noted so in the press - and extensively touring w/ The Allman Bros. Band, Santana, Grateful Dead, Plant & Page, etc.. and, Notably, the only band to ever play at the original Woodstock spot all these years later (also stopping bye and playing Woodstock '99 while on tour w/ Jewel) - Jodie Foster had RR do a rendition of Santana's Evil Ways for her film Home for the Holidays - as well as RR's music being commercially used on many TV and film sountracks).
I look forward to continuing my on the road experience w/ RR and doing some video-ography - as RR is really on top of its game here - releasing its first live (double) CD on its own label Touchy Pegg - (while still gratefully enjoying all the distribution channels it would w/ its former labels Mercury and Island Def Jam) - receiving positively charged audiences on tour to support the new release. (what a story to tell).
Best intent,
P.S.  Alt. Country's little darling star RYan Adams will be playing at Mr. Smalls Theatre May 13th(http://www.mrsmalls.com - owned and operated by Liz Berlin of RR and husband, Mike Speranzo - ProAM Skateboader currently on PLayStation Tour and will be heading Woodward West this summer - Woodward East, near PSU, the biggest board & bike campus).
RYan Adams renting out Small's Theatre and Rock-n-Roll B&B in Pittsburgh for a week before joining the Rolling Stones in Pittsburgh for a stretch - leg of tour - And aritists like 50 cent, Black Eyed Peas, Hank Williams 3rd, etc.. also stopping bye to play & record. And brand channels like MTV


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