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Date: Wed, 20 Apr  2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Forgiveness for the Catholic Church
To: am@cnn.com

There needs to be forgiveness for the Catholic Church.  Right here, right now ... no matter what the complaint, disassociation, philosophical and theologian differences are toward it in the here and now. It must have forgiveness and prayers like it forgives and prays for you.
Sure, I left Marquette University (a Jesuit University) mostly because I disagreed that Nietzsche should be skipped from the class syllabus because of his statements and philosophy (which landed on the cover of Time Magazine) around "God is Dead."  I felt I needed to a more, well-rounded education - whether I agreed or disagreed - I should have the freedom to learn.
And in the here-and-now as we see another Pope - Pope Benedict XVI, before we move on, the Catholic Church also needs forgiveness so it may heal, cleanse itself.
Best Intent.
Thank you,


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