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Date: Mon, 25 May 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Psycho Insurgency: an evening beyond the walls of the Warhol & in my head
To: maniacmagazine@yahoo.com

Should we all be allowed to

have green gemmed rapture?

Thrill from a carnival -

a carnivore of hearts

and river town sorrows


Her name is Emily

and it happened last night

and the nite before

but that was with Faith


Emily was at the Warhol

- it was for a gala -

her brother had a piece

on the wall for an artists

association. How fitting

for the Warhol. Hmm..

Something about shoes.

Hmm... Hmm...

It was oil on canvas

a red shoe - brilliant -

against the white drop.

It stood out for me

as well as she, Emily.


I was walking down

to the Warhol basement

and caught a glimpse

of these elegant yet simple

high heeled shoes from

underneath the curtain

of the old time photo both

- You know the kind?

W/ black & whites and

framed inside raw film -

dripping wet w/ time.


She was as exciting

as her shoes and had a

great smile. I like the way

she shook hands and said,

"I'm Emily." I felt as if

I was meeting Emily Dickinson.


Dripping wet w/ rock-n-roll from

the night before - high w/ the

vibrations and light above

the balcony of the renovated

church now Mr. Small's Theatre

manifesting love his songs

lingering in front of stain glass

walls - glimpses of lightening

from the storm outside & together

- we, caught in collective

consciousness, sending it

all on its way to you - for you -

for ourselves. Dripping wet

like the dollar bill I found this morn

in a puddle of fresh rain water

while one of the local heiresses

drove bye & witnessed my memories


Tinsel -he/she in drag at the

Warhol Museum - performing

from Hairspray and w/ puppets.

Tinsel was in green - and Emily

in green & white - Retro -

w/ rich white leather heels.

"Yeah, send me a poem,"

and I meant it. Maybe

more than the words of my new

friend, Faith, from the RYan

Adams show the nite before.


May 15, 2005


Giovanni Conte`


Sewickley, PA



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