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Date: Mon, 26 May 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Morning Sun


on a patch of grass

in-between sidewalk & street

is the motion of a morning dove

head rocking back -n- forth

we share the easy morning sun

and all around is beauty in love

taking away darkness & lies with

running waters into Beaver Valley


never mocking in a sweet refrain

i'm in love & she knows my name

and ghosts of Native harmony & fair council

tear-up with approval & gifts for a bride

shinning like organic gems & big diamond stars

tall feathered grasses & leaves swaying from the

jasmine wind blowing her long, thick hair forward


and the sure promise of a grand, grand feast

where we're all truly grateful & heavenly blessed

and i take her hand & caress her tireless soul

train trouble blues gone bye by our trials & errors

technology quietly humming along in dull lullaby

not meant to understand something as strong as this


May 26, 2005




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Poetry  By John Alan Conte`, Jr.
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