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Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: secret tapes _ presidential perception
To: daybreak@cnn.com
bon giorno:
i must admit, from what i've hear and read of these secret tapes, i actually admire President Bush more than last week when I was not privy to such confirmation. For his social background none of this is surprising - and, you know, it's a small world and you hear things (six degrees of separation) - Now, it's confirmed publicly.
so this question needs posed:
why was it such a "big deal" whether President Clinton inhaled or not?
Growing-up in the eighties, we were bombarded w/ negative propaganda called the "war on drugs" - - "hugs not drugs" - because "reefer" was "madness" and would make you stupid, lazy and lead to harder things - And, yet, Paul McCartney, who is none of those negative adjectives, has a well known fondness for the stuff and uses daily - (along w/ Seattle and Silicon Valley tech pioneers who are now rich legends). How could Paul McCartney remember the words and music while on huge tours if on reefer?
In fact, this kind of "smoke screen" put out by the republican party (and whatever group was lobbying against marijuana at the time whether rich powerful landowners in the West trying to use marijuana as a scapegoat to really get rid of all the south-of-the-border help that was lingering around after allot of the new construction of the S.W. - to modern day Pharma) made me have less respect for my own party because of this unjust and hypocritical negative propaganda.
In short, I am tired of my tax dollars paying for people in the courts and prison who are victimized because of victimless crimes (such as, personal usage of certain "illegal" substances) and I hope this public presidential admission helps to remedy this stupid, hypocritical injustice.


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