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Date: Wed, 21 Jun  2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Hesitating Beauty
To: now@cnn.com


I've always thought you were cool - ever since I started watching Paula Zahn Now - and have had a certain respect and admiration for you. However your hesitating beauty is transforming into a more radiant one. You're more vibrant and attractive now then of before - Not to say I even recall what you look like before, really, I just thought you were a cool, bright part of CNN - good at what you do. Yet, as of late, and, actually, even just as fresh as the past few days - you seem to really exude beauty.
Maybe it's someone new doing your hair & make-up or a different style or something - Or, something internal making you shine - But, even the pics I saw of you while I was looking at pics of my friends Michael Glabicki and Liz Berlin of Rusted Root on Photo Razzi.com, which were a few years back - you more exuberantly stunning then before. Pretty cool, pretty neat.
It is a state mind - I always thought that and have taken that approach as soon as I started coming into my own and realizing the importance of the basic philosophy of things & be-ings. It's all a state of mind - All how you - How you perceive things, others, yourself - And, in existential fashion, how you project yourself into the future - And, in terms of simple, pure magic - how you touch others (without even physically touching them at all) - a sort of immaterial energy - unexplainable - so, I'll go Now............
Best always,
Giovanni French


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