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Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Juliet Things
To: friends@foxnews.com


Some of the Juliet things that got me sticking around for Fox & Friends Weekend - which led to Fox & Friends during the week and even watching other FNC programming.
  • very articulate
  • good command of language, inflections, timing
  • well rounded in thought however you can tell she has strong convictions
  • passion
  • consistently stellar delivery
  • excellent posture - (almost statuesque like of some allegory of Gods and Goddesses)
  • Yoga
  • a "balls out" knack and ability to downplay her beauty & talent & ego by a willingness to humiliate herself -
  • hanging w/ Juliet would seem like hanging out w/ one of your good friends - one where you can relate to the Ryan Adams' line from Friends off of Cold Roses, "This afternoon w/ you was something like a letter - The kind someone writes but never sends"
  • cheered on the Pittsburgh Steelers - (i could see her being a fan of Mr. Mario's Pittsburgh Penguins too - And, respecting the old school -we are family- Pittsburgh Pirates)
  • the strong liking of Bono of U2 - and other rockers -
  • in general the liking of music and poetry - (i always say to people who wish they could write, paint, play music - something artistic - w/ out an audience of appreciators an artist's work would not be as meaningful)
  • Juliet is funny - she has a great sense of humor and knows how to use it w/ out being "that annoying hot girl who thinks she's funny"
  • Juliet comes off very strong and independent but full of emotion - She balances this well - I respect this - At times it looks like her cool eyes are as full as an Alaskan lake and she may burst into tears at any minute but she always recovers and pulls through for a captivating delivery - like a good musician - "emotion - a fist in motion" (Wilco - Theologians - off of A Ghost Is Born)
  • appreciation for simplicity
  • understated elegance
  • love of sports
  • good banter
  • it's kind of cute that, at times, everything is, of, and around Juliet - (because i can get like that too - and i am still waiting to see the pics of her friend who climbed Mt. Everest)
  • she was a really, really cute kid - (and still seems to keep some of those magical kid like powers to melt everything)
  • she may be clairvoyant - (has potential to eliminate static and focus on pure energy)
  • her love & loyalty for family

I really try and gravitate toward cool people who will enhance my life - not petty people - I think one of the extreme tragedies of the human race is the awful, putrid, paltriness of people who try and weigh and pull you down and hold you back - And, in short, Juliet seems like she would be a great friend.

Best intent,



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