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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Juliet is so punk rock
To: friends@foxnews.com
the first few times i watched fox news it happened to be weekend editions of fox & friends and, i have to admit, juliet annoyed me.
another pretty girl relying on her looks - playfully wiping heinz ketchup off the tv screen - i figured she was a boca raton college grad or something.
at any rate, i found juliet's antics over the top and playing into the uneducated and uncultured minds of mass america - yet, i almost hate to say it, she was also compelling and appealed to my virile disposition as a young man. i was compelled to keep watching.
now, i realize juliet seems to be somewhat of a chameleon - adaptable - possessing that gift of charisma - dangerously likable because of her "ballsy" honesty and willingness to nonchalantly humiliate herself (in the like tragic facade of rock stardom).
and i see juliet is so punk rock - very well dressed yet somehow still elegantly edgy - smart, beautiful - and i love that fact that she likes to read - (a symbol for potential growth and transformation - books being the tree of knowledge, you know).
maybe i'll humiliate myself by being one of those dorks who stand outside your set.
two of my cousins reside in manhattan - one in the upper sixties of park ave and the other across from central park in the west side - i sometimes stay at the waldorf towers for a visit (yet ever since i found out that paris hilton lives there - it doesn't have the same charm for me).
have a great weekend.

It sets a mood.
The Hall is grand and
Spiked w/ austere demeanor.
Patrons are elegantly dressed
And festive w/ holiday spirit
A woman drinks from a glass
Red lip stick is left behind
Jungle red - like a lion's head -
When all is pale and scattered
-(music from thin air)-
Magic. Magic. Magic.
-John A. Conte` JR- http://mystrawhat.com  
$%^%$#@!)&( ^%$#@!%&&*((&^$ ##@!!^&*(&
the editor kept calling
- kept demanding for what was prepaid
and it was 11 days late -
"that pompous pre-madonna piece of literary shit,"
the balding editor disclaimed while slamming
the door to the office bar - bottles shook.
and the editor continued to char his brain like
a lit cigar.
a well liked rock star, on top of his game,
enjoyed the mellow days of sun spotted dreams
and playing guitars.
the article sat before him -
yet he wasn't getting too far -
the cursor hadn't moved for hours -
22 shots also sat before him
and he didn't know if he should drink
or pull the god-damn fucking trigger
his organic cotton t-shirt read,
"we belong to the earth -
earth does not belong to us."
-chief seattle-
-John A. Conte` JR- http://mystrawhat.com  


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