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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Ben provide natura, ne` conviene

a tanta crudelta` minor bellezza,

che` l’un contrario l’altro ha temperato.

Cosi` puo` ‘l viso vostro le mie pene

tante temprar con piccolo dolcezza,

e lieve fare quelle e me beato.


Nature arranged things well, for no less beauty

should have been given to such great cruelty,

so one opposite could moderate the other.

In this way, your face can moderate

my great sufferings with little of its sweetness,

and, by making them lighter, make me happy.


The Poetry of Michelangelo


Yale University Press


Best Intent,




Gli occhi mie vaghi delle cose belle

e l’ alma insieme della suo salute

non hanno altra virtute

c’ascenda al ciel, che mirar tutte quelle.

Dalle piu` alte stele

discende uno splendore

che `l desir tira a quelle,

e qui si chiama amore.

Ne` altro ha il gentil core

Che l’innamori e arda, e che ‘l consigli,

C’un volto che negli occhi lor somigli.


   My eyes, desirous of beautiful things,

and my soul, likewise, of its salvation,

have no other means to rise

to heaven but to gaze at all such things.

For from the highest stars

descends a brilliant light

that pulls desire toward them,

and down here is called love.

Nor has the noble heart aught

that can make it burn and love, and that can guide it,

but a face that in its eyes resembles them.



The Poetry of Michelangelo


Yale University Press


Best Intent,


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