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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: "We Won't Get Fooled Again" _ Yea, Heidi Collins
To: am@cnn.com


Watching both Fox News and CNN to try and gain insight
into all sides of a story / (spin), it is quite
evident that CNN is the broadcast which is truly fair
and balanced. The Fox News tag line (recently debated)
did do its job by duking my moderate, opptimism into
giving Fox News a chance (when I've been watching CNN
since Mt. Gallitzin Academy) and I was actually
surprised by its blatant, fanaticism. For me, there is
no rooted reason found in this kind of "extreme" news.
The only thing that kept me watching was my disbelief
that "my party" supports this - and that blond,
submissive type airhead  that shows her legs. In
general, it's not honest. It's far from truth. It's
ping-pong played with spin. I will remain a Republican
but continue to watch CNN (especially - for the new
program that Miles O'Brian is doing - tapping a bit
into the unknown - the "intuitive" unknown for some).

Now, yea for Heidi Collins. I can remember seeing
Heidi a while back on Saturday morning and knowing she
was going to be someone we'd see more of in the time
to come. Heidi is so sharp. Her persona is very
professional yet, with a touch of urban coolness, that
could easily be cultivated into an up-and-coming Paula
Zahan (that stands head-above-water over Katie
Couric). In fact, watching her cover for Paula I
really respect the way she mediates so make certain
that truth and balance is what is driving the coverage
- just like Paula. She's not afraid to ask the right
questions and comes across credible in doing so like
Paula. (I mean, for Paula, Heidi has a ways to grow
into that yet - but she is "on her way").

Now Again

The road was a deep black.
Sun spotted in parts.
Along the side was a dirty
sand. Slivers of metallic chrome
shone from the brilliant sun.
The sky was blue
and it was a cool day.
A butterfly flapped its wings
and more human rights were gained in
China. Satan smiled but it wasn't Suddam
Hussein -he was just a Devil henchman
with a lust for drinking the blood of his
people from gold goblets in the hot desert.
Satan was hiding deeper within the earth
in a labyrinth of organized tunnels really
living like a rat like rats. To catch a rat
you have to think like one.
In the meantime, Im gonna calm down
this crowd. But not before getting them
to the point of bursting so they can exhaust
their own little game of hatred and get it all
out for a good, strong, climatic cleansing.
I am the person for this job.
My whole life has led up to this point the years
in-between pulled back like an archers arrow.
Kinetic energy the potential and everyone
knows Im makin it on my own. Im the man for this
job. Im the man who loves you. I am trying to break
your heart. Live and learn You cant always judge
a book buy its cover. Jesus, dont you know?
A butterfly flaps its wings and there is an avalanche
in the Swiss Alps, killings in Colorado, rape in
prison, an educational system failing that cant even
reach the creative & bored (geniuses) - who could
change the world if not labeled difficult because the
poor fool in charge cant think out of the box The
system doesn't encourage that; There are people with
disease(s) and wheres our focus now again?
The singer sings while strumming his guitar,
*"Hey Jack Kerouac, what is that youre saying
47 years in a pit hole you might as well be standing

still. Well, its all fucked-up, you see.
Ive been living in the trees
waiting for, your light to come to me.
Oh, yes, Im waiting.. waiting, for that lonely day.
Uh, that lonely day.. Someday.. Away..   
We move to the bar.
She slides her hand across my shoulders and says,
I dont care who you are and where youre from
Or what you do or have done or have or dont have
Your eyes are beautiful.
They shine so bright.
And so did hers. I was definitely digging her.
But it was time to go.
Time to move on.
Maybe a kiss.
Her breath was sweet
And so was mine.
Her hands caressed my shoulders.
There were men and women all around
It was tasteful Were tasteful -
It was now again.

July 31, 2004
(for the book: Now) 

(Written for Neil Young Thanks for the music and
being you)

*lyrics: Michael Glabicki


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