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Date: Thu, 9 May 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Defining the Presidency for Remembrance
To: The American People

Defining the Presidency for Remembrance


How will President George W. Bush be remembered when it is all said and done?


This president certainly has defining, strong characteristics which have come into their own after the second election – and seem to be of a confidant nature rather than one on the attack as with the first election and somewhat second. During the first election President Bush had to endure allot of criticisms and overcome a fellow candidate with some momentum from a soaring economy from the mid nineties. It was big win – President Bush was chosen to lead us after much controversy – however, only to face events of historical proportions that threatened to, literally, take down the financial cornerstones of these Unites States of America.


For those of us who believe President Bush’s presidency has led us on the right path, we may have already started to speculate on how to help ensure a good legacy. After clearly winning the second election’s popular vote, it appeared that a weight was lifted from the defensive scow that often captured his face in the media and President Bush then appeared lighter, more diplomatic, dynamic and willing to work across the isle to be a president that unites instead of dividing. Even the dark, encompassing shadow of the Vice President appeared lighter and had to be called on upon less to rally the extreme, fanatical fan base that helped its victory.  Making the balance of the left and right more attainable?


Well, this is where the key is – and words are often used as keys to unlock and open doors. What words will be used to paint the picture of President George W. Bush.  Social Security will not make or break this picture. In fact, the best thing for the President would be for the proverbial ping-pong game between the two parties and those who walk back and forth from moderate republican to conservative democrat. This will appear to have been beyond our President’s control. Yet, with the sores of 911 still open in the country’s psyche and with the wealthiest, most powerful resources at his fingertips, the War on Terror is the real battle – (and not the agenda of the War on Drugs - busting those for victimless crimes and having our tax dollars pay for these people to, in fact, become more hardened and dangerous to society for spending time in prison for what allot of the country partakes in as part as their own social usage. The War on Drugs proven to be more of a smoke screen for previous administrative agendas and, pitifully, distracting us from real threats from abroad – yet right here on the same streets that the War on Drugs was being fought).


The success of Iraq is critical. The maintenance of Iraq, Afghanistan and the struggles of Israel and Palestine are crucial. And, of course, finding and capturing Bin Laden is the golden goose.


In addition, the position of North Korea, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia now and in the future – even after President George W,’s presidency is over – will leave an impression and reflect on the accuracy, diplomacy and efficacy of this administration.


And, the pictures and footage at home and abroad of this good humored, charming, good looking – healthy President George W. and First Lay Laura certainly helps invoke positive images for memory


“More on this later.”


Best Regards,


Morning of May 9, 2005


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