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Date: Wed, 16 Jun  2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Taxation Without Representation
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Taxation Without Representation

When a governmental body (made up of elected officials) supported by tax payer dollars fails and denies to represent the wishes and intent of the majority of its people, what recourse do the people have to gain back their inherit and alienable rights to self govern?

For example, the majority of people wish for “x” but the elected officials have a different agenda supported by big business such as, the pharmaceutical industry, beer & alcohol companies and the tobacco industry – as well as some influential ultra conservative groups – denying the people of their wishes and alienable rights to self govern.

 In fair, unbiased clinical tests done on “x” there has been no evidence that “x” is damaging enough to the people whereas the people need to be protected (policed) from it – Yet, “x” has been factually used as a “scapegoat,” if you will, to forward the agenda of certain parties supported by certain administrations within this governmental body – Moreover, where certain administrations and supportive parties have even gone as far as to produce negative propaganda and false clinical studies against “x” to support their agenda as a means to try and gain the backing of the people and justify their own means to an end.

Nevertheless, after the smoke screen clears, the majority of the people know “x” to be of no threat and know they do not need protected from it and it is their wish and intent to see “x” not as a negative, criminal type horror.

Thus, in current “low” times that we exist in today, the governmental body (elected officials) supported by tax payer dollars continues to take advantage of its authority and continues to deny and fail to represent its people – defying natural law and inherit, alienable rights to self govern as we see fit.

This is a plain and simple case of “taxation without representation” – founded in sturdy footing of Natural Law by John Locke and Rosseau and, similarly, used by this country’s great forefathers for just philosophical reasoning for the Revolutionary War when the people where not being justly heard or represented by an *oppressive, tyrannical government.

**Yes, when innocent people are severely punished by the penal system for victimless crimes where, in return, they most likely become victims of abuse within in this same penal system – it justifies calling the government that does this to our people “oppressive & tyrannical.”  It’s literally appalling and inhumane – and clearly an abuse of power.

In God we trust.


An anonymous republican & good, hardworking citizen of the U.S.A.


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