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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Cafe La Fortuna Daydream

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Cafe La Fortuna Daydream


69 & W. 71 St

Sun fell

Traffic rolled

And she stole

My heart again.

Outside in the garden

I waited for her

- she spoke like a clarinet

Which didn't surprise me

For her eyes were stars

From an unknown sky

And her smile was blinding.

There she was in the doorway.

Did you bring my heart w/ you?

 - (I'm in love past the start) -


The sales associate at Tiffany

Said that she would love it

A $1,600.00 watch

The famous blue box


Which she did love

But admitted she loved

The Tiffany jewelry she already

Had and that she didn't need this

And that we should take it back

Really, it was okay

It actually made my day after

Day dreaming over espressos

Waiting for her at the

Cafe La Fortuna in daydream


Thursday July 21, 2005

John A. Conte` JR


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