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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Of course, we can have play on words here. What's objective exactly mean - Define it.

However, in short, I am of opinion that it does depend on what we are talking about here.

Should reporters stay objective when reporting on policy and politics and politicians?


 Should reporters stay objective when reporting on religion?

 Well, it's okay to declare your faith. But, further than that,


 When reporting on injustice, famine, cruelty, devastation, disaster, failure to cope w/ these things effectively and, as a result, there are murders, rapes, and starvation, despair -animals in dire straights -

Well, for these humanitarian concerns and topics within civilization - I don't want a robot for a reporter - I do not want Dr. Spock - I want Captain James T. Kirk's passion, compassion, sense of justness, right, wrong and the will to prevail and see good through.


In a sense, I believe that next generation of super reporters will be able to balance both - And, furthermore, in the tradition of good French Theatre tracing its roots to the Dionysian definition of action - and using it for a moment of Communion -- when it all just clicks in a bigger sense than our paltry needs -- In the future we will have media stars who know how to make us feel it, act upon it, take us to the edge (part Shaman, rock star, executive, poet, actor, reporter) - And make us feel a sense of Communion where we are all connected by something bigger - more than just the satellites in the sky - something bigger like the magical energy we all have potential to share in this existence of ours -- we know as our reality -- (yet, beyond our reality represented by TV and newspapers, religious leaders, politicians  and professors in the ivory tower who think they know what the hell they are talking about w/ authority) ...   We need super star reporters to make us feel past this synthetic reality that dictates what's of value -- A super star reporter who makes us feel the raw basic elements of existence --



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