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Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Only the Poet _ Only the Poet
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Only the Poet _ Only the Poet

"Mallarme` believes that the genius of the poet derives from an exceptional freedom and boldness. He is the martyr of his conscience and its hero as well. He is the man, typifying the artist to a supreme degree, who in the creation of his work passes from the known to the unknown, if the point of departure for the poet is a familiar object or a familiar experience, his art culminates in an awareness of the boundless, the unmeasurable, the original terror that primitive man felt for the mysteries of nature and the mysteries of the unseen. In the basic conception of his poetics, as well as in his few scattered notations on the theatre, Mallarme` pointed the way to a revision of the values in the art of the dramatic poet."

Wallace Fowlie - Dionysus in Paris: A Guide to Contemporary French Theatre - Meridian Books, Inc. 1960

P.S. while Fowlie was James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of French and Italian Literature at Duke University (quite a stellar career and CV for this one) - he compared my work to Whitman,  Henry Miller and Jim Morrison - It's on http://www.mystrawhat.com under credentials


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