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Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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(New York, New York)


Rue 57


Her lips were soft

As the flame behind the

Red glass candleholders at

The bar she stood w/ them

She was a sultry blonde in black

W/ a scarf around her waist

Yeah, whats not to like

About Manhattan? The

Women are friendly amazingly

Delicious like wine soaked

California stars above an island

The magic of Native American Indians

Pointing out the right signs & symbols

Which led me here drinking

And trying to be nonchalant

While being checked-out by

Lovely sets of eyes in judgment

Or at least a common curiosity

For what kind of person I may be

With my straw hat, faded jeans,

Black shirt w/ an alligator in green,

Green army bag for wartime journalists,

And black pony hair Diesel watch w/ silver

- Studs and a mirrored face w/ punk accents -

                                    Thick black shades conceal my brown eyes

Yeah, I made another copy to keep for myself

Im gonna set it in my latest book of poems

Called Everyday Media Im almost complete

Thanks for the drink I appreciate it Youre sweet.

When I come back w/ my friends or to visit I wanna

See you again, alright. Okay, cool. Yeah, thats cool.

Uhm. Im worried Oh, Im always in love.


Love                Love

Love                Love

Love                Love

Love                Love

Love                Love

Love                Love

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