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Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Dr. Fawaz Gerges_Democracy, Islam, and the Arab World
To: am@cnn.com
Dr. Fawaz Gerges_Democracy, Islam, and the Arab World
After appearing live on CNN on the new Iraqi political situation and a worshop at a local University, Dr. Fawaz Gerges addressed our luncheon discussion group at the old & prestigious Pittsburgh's Duquense Club 4/8.
Democracy, Islam, and the Arab World
Dr. Fawaz Gerges, Christian A. Johnson Chair in International Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies, Sarah Lawrence College
What a good discussion. Luckily, from watching plenty of Headline News I was well informed and followed along lovely.
Dr. Fawaz Georges did open and close w/ lines of positive metaphors like, "the political winds of change are in the air and strongly felt" and another "the seed of democracy has been planted and has taken."
I went in w/ an open mind from the hope gained from the Pope broadcast of light and love but yet not naive - and I left feeling hopeful - yet again - it looks like "the writing is on the wall" - We cannot leave! And as far as I'm concerned I would like to see more progress in "the war on terror."
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