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Date: Wed, 16 Jun  2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Priorties to Prevent and Track Down Terror
To: now@cnn.com


So you say that the terror cell in Lodi, CA is bigger than originally thought? 
Really now - no f*cking sh*t?!
Anywhere there is a mosque or a muslim there is potential for terror - Anywhere there is a muslim - not believing in God - and, "In God We Trust" we should know they don't respect our ways and look upon it w/ bitter hatred. Yeah, I don't think it's an open minded religion like Buddhism.
Sure this Admin is doing okay w/ the War on Terror but I am disappointed in how it is not accountable for preventing 911 - instead it had priorities w/ policing our own people for "morality" - (while we all know allot of corporate America and our great politicians are morally bankrupt).
- And also putting resources (like 7 BILLION - source CNN In the Money 6/12/05) into trying to crack down on hippies for smoking pot, putting these hippies through the court system and housing these hippies in jail (where once innocent and non violent folks get raped in the ass by violent derelicts and then become worse off for our society) - All for victimless crimes like smoking pot (which probably over 50% of your own corporate colleagues have done).
I mean, a am a huge fan of G.W. but some of his influence could be better spent!
We want to feel secure and safe from Terror - not dirty hippies!
Best of Love.
For a safer America,
John French


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