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Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Destined Killers
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Destined Killers


The way they were rejected

- Dejectedly walking with

Head down and a vision of fury.

Confusion. Lost soul foundation.

Spilling over from mediums needing

A new dark archetype to attract the weak

Insanity – beyond dreams of blood, squirming

Victory in mercilessness and blind cowardice

Rattling chain link fences in sullen comfort

A power struggle – (need for attention) –

A need to murder and get caught – Detention –

Locked away in a systematic reality of brutality

Outside – Inside – everyone needs to look away

Unless the destined killers can surrender to Jesus.

Can you show love to them even w/ their bloody hands?

Can you mold them, reform them & make them reborn?

Dear Senators and Congressmen, here is another problem

For you to fix in the public’s interest – Or is for humanity?

Do the answers lie in religions and wardens to make it better?

Or is this just human nature –

like the unsolvable corruption of the greedy?


-         (And, picking and strumming guitars,

then there’s such as us

With roots covered in rust and only

 killing our “self” to maintain lust for life) -


October 3, 2005

Mr. Smalls

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