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Date: Wed, 30 Nov  2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: "A"-List Squabble
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"A"-List Squabble
They were talking.
They were talking loudly.
They all were talking loudly.
His eyes were already deep.
If they could see them then,
they'd know he didn't care.
It was all just pigeon squabble.
He was onto something bigger
-someting much more luxuriant
-more grand than just fancy dress.
He knew he'd be a symbol for
That beautiful kingdom by far -best.
His bust alone -His words. His name.
Captured on film. Rare. Recorded fame.
He knew there had to be someone
That could make a difference - Someone,
Some people, some girls, some women -
The crazy boys and cool men to carry
The torch along the golden shores and
Through the crowded city streets, back
Alleys and pristine storefronts - Taxi cabs,
Bar rooms and taverns of middle america -
He'd reach them all & on his own terms -
True to his spirit and navigated path -
Let it roll - Let it go - Baby, let's ride tonite.
Best of the Roses,

November 20, 2005


Poetry  By John Alan Conte`, Jr.
Copyright 2005
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