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Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: 4 more years?
To: larryking@cnn.com

4 more years?

yeah, so i don't think it's actually necessary for the president to come out and meet w/ the grieving mother in protest.

 if the vice president represents that Admin. like he is quite capable of doing and, maybe even, more accurately at times, and shows that he truly is a man of conviction - whereas the common good of the people in these United States are of more concern and value than his own common interests for he and his family and inner circle of friends and associates - and, that National Security is of utmost importance for us these days and that is why we are in Iraq - Then the vice president can could even run again for VP in '08 w/ katherine harris as a presidential candidate - and win.


john french


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