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Date: Fri, 1 Jul  2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Tom, Brooke, Insanity, Dependency, Narcissism and Psycho-tropics
To: friends@foxnews.com


The other day for my parent’s 50th Anniversary at their residence (BTW, the kitchen was featured in Architectual Digest) - apparently my mother commented to my sisters that it is a treat to see me because of the dynamics I add to the family conversations – They liked this point I brought up - knowing how I am familiar w/ celebrities, religions, philosophies, psychoanalysis and psycho tropics too.


I don’t buy into Scientology – Sure, there is a great chance that we are not alone in the universe – I think it’s a shallow, narcissistic, limited way of thinking that we are it – But after that – It can all be science fiction and far from the truth if you let and need something in your life that much.


And, speaking of narcissism and dependency, the founder of Sciencetology needs people to be searching and longing for something more, however, whereas psychotopics – if taken in the “correct” environment and comforts conducive growth enlightened realizations – only need to be taken once or a few times for and meaningful change through breakthroughs that can be life altering – sort of, slapping you into a healthy, real perspective – (see Aldous Huxely, Carlos Castanada and William Blake).


The author of Sciencetology is dependent upon people not being able to “cure themselves” and thus being dependent upon this ego-manic and his dogma. And people like Tom Cruise who are so shallow and clueless (sorry, Greta, back on CNN I thought your were cool) that they absolutely need something to fill their super voids to stop them from wanting to end their, surprisingly to most zombies, pathetic little lives that have been pretty much a sham – a corporate schema for the big entertainment machine and all those who try and dictate its control.


In order for Tom to not feel like such a meager puppet, he needs Sciencetology and "its Daddy" needs him.


Psychotropics don’t need you – and that’s why they hide so far away and remote jungles and forests – And, they are very real, secretive and when unveiled, oh so powerfully awesome – like a “big bang” – a good “slap between the shoulders” to lead to the very core in which they themselves were created and exist and are there for some, unique “truth seekers.”  As indigenous people were smart enough and appreciative enough to conclude, talk to the plant, thank the plant, thank its creator, be grateful and maybe some good, white magic will happen for you – something unexplainable, intangible but very real – hard to explain – so I’ll go now. I don’t claim to know. In fact, as Socrates once blurted: “I know I Know because I admit I know nothing.”


-Running Water-

Hilton Head, S.C.

(Insert Eagle sound here)


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