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Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Joe Namath and the Witches in PA _ True Story _ Happy Halloween
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The following is a true story.
It was around 1976. I was a six year old boy at the time. The wind blew through the black sky. The prayer room was only lit by the glow of candles in red glass holders which accompanied the flames of candles by the statue of the Madonna above the kneel-er my uncle and aunt, Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Conte` kept for my grandmother, Rose Conte`.
I ran from this room with an unknown fright and its mystery may have stirred my brain a bit more with all the Coca-Cola I'd drink back then. But, I could not fight this fear that was consuming me - It bothered me to the point where I had to go to the adults - I knew it was special because of the company and all - Yet there was always that kind of company around and they were always talking.
My mind was made-up. I went to the table that sat in front of the huge 20 foot window that looked out into the dark night and stated that I was afraid. Joe Namath was so gracious - he stopped and prompted my explanation and invited me to talk with them about this pressing matter that rattled my head like a humming bird humming. So I explained that I was terrified that witches were coming for me - That they wanted to crash through the big window and take me.
Joe Namath sat me on his giant knee and put his arms around me in a protective manner and assured me that there were no such things as witches and, therefore, could never harm me. In addition, all these grown-ups around would never let that happen because they love me too much. This appeased me. Joe saved me that night.
Later in my life at Penn State University I did meet some witches - beautiful, beautiful women with these certain auras and this charming sort of magic. Women from NYC, Bethlehem, Martha's Vineyard, New Jersey. They liked me. They wanted me. And Joe Namath wasn't around.
Best of the Roses,

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