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Date: Mon, 11 Jul  2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Listing _ Top 15 Hottest Female News Reporters, Anchors & News Personalities _ Meet the Author
To: Jenny.Jarvie@latimes.com


Hot and sharp female reporters, anchors and personalities in the NEWS industry. (There is quite a stable at Fox and CNN.  NBC - the only of the major broadcast stations represented).


Top 15 Hottest Female News, Reporters, Anchors & News Personalities (cable and non)


  1. Juliet Huddy – Fox & Friends/Dayside
  2. Paula Zahn  – CNN
  3. E.D. Hill – Fox News
  4. Kiran Chetry – Fox News
  5. Soledad O’Brian - CNN
  6. Robin Meade - CNN
  7. Julie Bandaras – Fox News
  8. Ann Curry - NBC
  9. Paige Hopkins – Fox News
  10. Lauren Greene – Fox News
  11. Katie Couric - NBC
  12. Suzanne Malveaux – CNN
  13. Erica Hill – CNN
  14. Amy Robach  - MSNBC
  15. Liz Claman – CNBC


Best of Hope,

-John A. Conte JR-

"John French"


Meet the Author and Meet John French





About the Author:

After reading Rebel as Poet: Rimbaud of Jim Morrison by Wallace Fowlie - Duke University Press 1993 - Conte` contacted Duke University. A Duke employee within Fowlie's department asked Mr. Conte` to send a few poems and upon this received an invitation to meet with Mr. Wallace Fowlie, at the time, James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of French and Italian Literature - (with over 50 books published).


In 1996 Wallace Fowlie inscribed "Our Friendship Began Here" in a copy of Rebel as Poet: Rimbaud of Jim Morrison for John Alan Conte` JR in North Carolina at Fowlie’s home in Carl Woods outside of Chappell Hill.


Fowlie told Conte` the poetry Conte` read for him echoed some greats - Fowlie stated he could see Conte` possessed the ability to fire off history like Whitman, the sexual imagery of Henry Miller and the navigational skills of Jim Morrison.

Almost a decade later Conte` is almost finished w/ his ninth (9th) book entitled “Everyday Media” to include poetry and also email written into media shows of the time.


Meet "John French"

Here are some pics from a Dec winter 2002 - one in the country side the other in Chicago on tour w/ Rusted Root as a guest of Mr. Michael Glabicki (co-founder, lead guitarist, lead singer/songwriter) for two sold out House of Blues shows - what a cool venue, VIP lounge, backstage accommodations and hotel - Chicago is awesome - what a great city and friendly people.


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