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Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Fin de partie
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Fin de partie



As she took a shower

The door became closer

And I walked away

Within an hour or so

The streets were moving

As fast as I was gone

And although she's in me

I'm gonna miss her

My heart will be broken

Painting her picture in mind

The only token I'll take

My heart is on fire

I love to just say her name

But I had to leave her

And end a damn good game

- (I love you just the same) -


*French to English translation by Wallace Fowlie Dionysus In Paris: A Guide to Contemporary French Theatre


John A. Conte` JR


July 16, 2005


$1, 000.00 Bills


What is an hour -

without thinking of her?

She's an angel - Flying

without pulled strings


She's on her own

Dressed in dollar bills

She's always for hire


And we get real low

Way down - To the ground

Rolling w/ river bed stones

Found high above the falls

And with the river we roll

Into a sea of ink we flow

Sprouting to life on paper

She's real -

Who could fake her


John A. Conte` JR


July 16, 2005


Free Fall



His mind was

finally free.


was in love - in

love w/ only



was saved.



over to




some more

And cost


too much.



gave to



what I


Because I


waste it



all others


like to

spend on



John A. Conte` JR


July 16, 2005



Hurricane Rain


Here comes another

hurricane rain


- Another

hurricane rain


- Lying beside her

in hurricane rain


- The flame goes wild

in hurricane rain


- Good thing it's in a candle

in a hurricane rain


- We read another book

in the hurricane rain


 - Hurricane Rain

in the hurricane rain


- I lie here inside her

in the hurricane rain


Hurricane Rain, Hurricane Rain

Hurricane Rain, Hurricane Rain

- in the hurricane rain.


John A. Conte` JR


July 16, 2005


Red Colored Rose


Sunshine bent to find us

Walking along the shore

We were sure no - one

Would ever find us

So we were naked -

So naked to the core

- Sunshine bent to find us

As your ass became red

- As red as my sunny nose

As red as an Ingrid Bergman

Red colored rose

- Red colored roses

We saw dozens more

- Red colored roses

As we walked the shore


John A. Conte` JR


July 16, 2005


P.S. This may close out and end EveryDay Media


P.S.S. I'll most likely keep watching


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