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Date: Thu, 14 Apr  2005 12:00AM PDT)
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beautiful nobody

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beautiful nobody


remembering her pale moon skin  

while maids vacuum rooms of our hotel

and sunlight reminds me to pray for

the mercy of weirdos in uncool fabric.

the english beat moves on -

sound the alarm! there's a madman

in here w/ me. he's leaving at a

quarter to three. it's half past two

and you know i don't know what

to play for you that you may know too.

so i sing something new - i make it up

as you hum along - for a beautiful nobody

w/ every day underwear - 

1,000 little smiles


records on the wall

- gold & platinum mixed w/ china dolls -

and there's another beautiful nobody -

an odd surprise behind the wheel of a

mack truck. my daddy, who knows

where she's been and now riding to?

a beautiful nobody in everyday underwear

behind a counter in every small town,

behind a desk in tall buildings - from the ground

they grow and take the shape of each will -

and tomorrow's still different - even in the shade

she wears for the camera for full coverage on tv.

a beautiful nobody made for tv -

made for tv -

and i'm an open page for a great script -

hearing the longing souls of beautiful nobodies

in gossamer halls - tasting wine - as you stare

at these california stars i use for eyes

to see so much more than a beautiful nobody.

come on now, honey,

they just need to know your name like i do.

they just need to call your name the way i do.

(my favorite part of tonight -

asking for the check and walking home w/ you)





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