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Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: When does bias become slander? _ Article contradicts "live" video and actual experience
To: jyoung@psu.edu, jch260@psu.edu, bridget212@yahoo.com, bmb195@psu.edu, acb231@psu.edu, klk298@psu.edu

When does bias become slander? 
Brandon Linton & Erin McCracken article (spin) on Rusted Root show contradicts "live" video and actual reality - as well as printed retort in Editor's Opinion Page.
What we have captured on digital video of the Rusted Root show - including
interviews w/ students before and after the show - totally contradicts the
artcile written by your staff, Brandon Linton & Erin McCracken http://www.collegian.psu.edu/archive/2005/04/04-25-05tdc/04-25-05darts-04.asp
It's a shame. RR has worked so hard to achieve the level they have in such a cheesy, cut-
throat, shifting industry - bringing some organnic honesty, integrity & soul
back into it. And then you have these obviously biased staff writers abusing
their power and voices to support their frustrated agendas. (Sorry their
favorite band didn't get the headlining slot).

Although I'm glad you printed the following retort in the letters to the
editor/opinions section..
http://www.collegian.psu.edu/archive/2005/04/04-26-05tdc/04-26-05dops-letter-01.asp - You know, it's not strong enough and the widespread visibility of the initial (biased spin) article has done its damage - duking innocent, naive people not in attendance.

I think it should be retracted. Please review the following:

Send Me On My Way _ Penn State University off the hook _ Rocked that town

so the weather didn't deter anyone from Penn State this weekend - It was
Alumni weekend, Blue & White weekend and Earth Day weekend

Rusted Root was to go on to headline the day on the massive HUB lawn on campus
at 9:45 p.m. The limo driver wasnít even picking up the band in Pittsburgh
until 5 pm so i was wondering if they'd get in at 8ish so i could work w/ Liz
Berlin to set her camera at the sound board and get my protocol established and
let security know who i am and what i was there to do

Night descended upon us and the crowd swelled - chanting, "Rusted Root! Rusted
Root! Rusted Root! Rusted Root! Rusted Root! Rusted Root! Rusted Root! Rusted
Root! "

All types of demos were there (yeah, poor label execs - how do you categorize
that - from little kids, H.S., college, after college professionals, yuppies,
hippies, jar-heads, Greek system, families, gray hairs, middle age, etc...)

The show had to be stopped four times by the band! "Alright, alright, alright -
'címon, man, there are allot of little kids in the front there - we appreciate
your enthusiasm but we don't want anyone injured here" ----

At one point, Jenn Wertz (a new mom) ran and leaped off the stage and rushed
the barricade that separated crowd from stage and she made sure this family was
safe from the "crowd tossing" and that the rowdy students were escorted.

Yet, right on cue - the band once again cont'd right were they left off w/ out
missing a beat.

"Okay, Michael Glabicki, stopped and began to say, "look we're Rusted Root - we
really do appreciate and are grateful for your enthusiasm but that crowd
surfing has to stop - we don't want anyone to get hurt and we want you all to
have a good time - being safe!"

I was video-oing up front at the stage and from the barricade I could just see
the first few rows - off the hook - but my assistant was working the camera at
the sound board and coming up front (through the crowd) and he and his wife saw
allot of stuff including the following.

Two young 19 year olds taking off their little stringy tank tops and bumping
and grinding and rubbing in the wet misty rain - cool wind - in their bras -
just making out like it was nobody's business but their own.

I have footage and interviews from all kinds - mainly very inspired university

Rusted Root is currently on tour to support its double live CD released on its
own label Touchy Pegg (yet still gratefully able to enjoy international

Best Intent,


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