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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: Shooting Cats
To: Webmaster Jason

shooting cats?


well, that really doesn't get to the root of the problem and just continues the death culture - degradation of any life - no value for existence.


So, why don't we allow to shoot all the white trash pieces of shit that are parasitic to hard working tax payers and bring down any type of culture this new country may have gained since its conception and colonization. Just alike, I am not a racist, so we must not only single out white pieces of shit that always are complaining about being a victim and can do nothing real to help themselves out and pull themselves up by their bootstraps, we must include black, yellow, red, brown, tanned, etc..


In short, all the people who might be irresponsible enough not to take any responsibility for their actions - not knowing or caring that what they do has a ripple effect on others beside themselves - and obtaining animals that they can't afford, can't take care of, can't take care of properly, would rather abuse, see dead or let multiply out of proportion w/ the existing eco-system surrounding its environment.


"business is a bommin"

industry is gloomy

livin' in a world of sin.

the water has gone bad

life's become a fad

people are freakin'

in the streets

and it makes me sad.


death culture. death culture

death culture. death culture"


-post face-


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