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Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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 all because you look so elegantly stunning - like some icon of American culture - tuned-into what we're thinking; the promise of tragedy - life, death, life - and who will wear the crown of currency and power - who will be the fool throughout a life; w/ out a tomorrow - who'll play the clown and sing us songs of sorrow disguised by masks of laughter - and who will read by candle light and vigil - awake; full of illuminated words and images of truth, beauty - daggers, unveiled mysteries that the common language brandishes by days of toil and pretending to be really just one of the gathered masses - yet, here we are: sanctified and in communion w/ light and the only real form of purity - fled from this earth and fed by the innocence of love from poets bleeding words of vibrant hearts - like songs sung - directed to break your heart as the process of throwing Shakespearean darts at mothers and daughters, fathers and brothers - some later than others but always in hope to bloom -



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