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Date: Wed, 28  Jun  2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: an interesting question for Condi
To: friends@foxnews.com


As you all have another agenda w/ Ms. Condi - on a bigger level, when you look at Condi and her position in the world of politics, I have an interesting question.


Given all the prejudice, racism, fascism, ignorance, hate and terror that Ms. Condi had to see, go through and overcome growing up where she did & how she did - other than choosing to be a republican and work in the current Administration with the current VP and President merely because it proves that it can be done i.e. The American Dream.



When you look at the current Administration with the current VP and President whether you are for them or against them on some level one must recognize that these two are the typical, stereotypical type of "good old boys" and no strangers to some degree of fascism.


For me, I am a republican not because of the hypocritical morality ploy and rhetoric but because of protecting family money and the money of my household - I mean, who better to make sure money is gonna stay in your pocket if you're considered that lucky 10% that is over 100,000.00 and that lucky 5% that is over 200,000.00 than the likes of the current Administration with the current VP and President?


George W. and company succeeded the first time because allot of people that made good money in the 90's tech/internet arena felt that they could keep more of it by voting republican - and the media played it out like either/or George W. or Gore was one of the same - And then there were all the folks duked by the hypocritical political machine of self righteousness, morality and non internationalism - fired up by people in the media and the political arena spewing extreme conservatism - running on overdrive by the stupid fuel "them Clintons" gave them (by doing a good job and gaining tons of popularity - Yeah, what a real threat).


So, if I were interviewing the good Ms. Condi, I would have the courage and bravery to ask a real, interesting questions like this one.


Maybe some day someone will have the ability to ask it - For on a social science plain, I think it's a good one.





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