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Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Gettysburg
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On the sunny July drive back from

New York City heading home to Pittsburgh

We crossed the beautiful Susquehanna River

Set in deep July blue sky and lush, rich green vegetation

And followed the signs to Gettysburg


Now two days after leaving

It still sticks with me as if we were still there


Having respect for the footsteps that walked before me

Even before 1863

Even before the first white settlers

Back to the earth when the people who inhabited the land

Where believers of myths that made them the first people

Of the Great Creator of Being


Standing, sitting laying, dreaming

I wished to cleanse the land, the violence

Which had to occur upon this land


The blood spilt on both sides from

Brave men and teenagers, canines and horses

The fear of the townspeople and farmers

-         May it be cleansed with the healing, magical

Powers of running waters

With all the force, light and momentum of the universe


May these men find peace in their hearts and souls

And may they know they did not die in vain

May they feel the ultimate understating of existence

And be free


May all mortal wounds and bruised egos

Be healed by the pure white light

Of the great healer

 -And these men be free-


The winds at Gettysburg

May they always be sweet

May they always be filled with love,

Understanding and compassion

For life, liberty and unity under

One flag


July 27, 2005

John A. Conte JR



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