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Date: Wed, 25 Jun  2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>
Subject: Zero Tolerance In General
To: friends@foxnews.com


Say there is a little bar in a rural area of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Texas or Alabama – where there are allot of trucks in the parking lot – where “dressing up” is a “them yuppie” kind of thing – and strong, intelligent, independent women who won’t let themselves be held back by mental or physical abuse and are then called a “bitch” and more or less just a threat to their “manhood” – And, suits or even “them yuppie” clothes draw suspicion – along w/ longer shabby-shiek hair unlike the mullet or “buzz” cuts –


Did you ever consider what would happen if you three walked in – dressed like you are now – w/ out a camera crew – just wanting to hang out for a few hours and have some drinks?


Sure, behind the rhetoric that you spew from the comfort of the TV tower – these rural clans (clan here meaning groups of families – just like it would be used to describe Native American clans – “groups of families”) may agree with themes and topics often heard and “hit home” from you – like zero tolerance for just about anything different from their very biased value system and narrow, narrow pints of view in their pea brain heads. Oh yeah, they love to hear about them damn’ lawyers, people challenging “southern heritage and tradition”, them “gays”, Hillary Clinton, them French, liberals, hippies, people with money – Sh*t if they ain’t in there little bar and go somewhere else like the city it just ain’t gonna work out because you can’t get no drink unless you’re a good lookin’ woman or a guy w/ money.


So, without the camera and the likely likely chance that these folks don’t know your name or who you are – What do you think would happen if you three walked in – dressed like you are now - into some little bar in a rural area of Georgia, Texas or Alabama – or a little golf course bar in Pennsylvania just an hour or so from Pittsburgh - where there are allot of trucks in the parking lot??


There is so much negative energy out there – breeding, brewing – like the bad genes of inbred pig men from stagnant ponds of ignorance and zero tolerance.


Hey, but Fox can always spew its rhetoric and count on these uneducated, unenlightened assholes for Republican votes.


Just something to think about. It’s kind of funny, sad & pathetic because, as you know, I am a republican – (campaigned for Gov Tommy Thompson while I attended Marquette before PSU) but because I wear my hair longer and its thick & curly/wavy and I’m not of fair skin and I dress how I want to and I have some kind of aura about me and I catch people’s attention – I feel this negative energy and they eyes upon me are like hands around my throat – and those words about me are like daggers pointed at my heart.

Nevertheless, I am who I am. I am. I am And I’m not going backwards – And that’s why people like me and respect me and know I am unique – And “one on one” and not in a “cowardly group” – I’ll win you over.


Best of light, love and joy -



John A. Conte` JR



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