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Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2005 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: Dear Jack: A Joke But No Laughing Matter
To: am@cnn.com


Dear Jack:

I applaud your conviction for the truth and the
accountability you are demanding. You are passionate
as we all should be over the recent debacles we have
gone through and the atrocities we are currently going
through now under our fabulous government that we work
so hard to support.

It is a joke but no laughing matter. How Bush was
elected was a joke. How this administration
capitalized on 911 is a joke. How this administration
stood there and duked Americans and allies into going
to war with Iraq is a joke when we didn't even finish
our job in Afghanistan. How this administration favors
right wing extremists over reason is a joke. How this
administration blatantly refuses to accept any need of
accountability is a joke but again, no laughing

Yes, Bush is great for a good joke to deflect negative
attention. However, during one of his recent witty
retorts he forgot the key punch line! When Bush
recently retorted, "Dick Cheney can be president." He
didn't follow through with the punch line, "of Iraq!"

This administration got us into Iraq and now they
should be the ones forced to go there, set up camp,
and run the country. Heck, what are the real
differences between Iraq and Texas, anyway?

Really, I have no bitter resentment toward the elite
1%! I only ask that they be reputable, accountable and
responsible like Terressa Heinz. And, the fact that
Richard Mellon Scaife is threatened by her and has
attacked her on numerous occasions makes my liking for
her all the stronger. I will keep on buying Heinz
Ketchup and, for that matter, just "keep on keeping

Thanks, Jack, I feel better already.
Mobile, Alabama


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