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Things We're Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Media   
(Sent E-Mail Write-Ins and Sent Poetry)


Sent E-Mail Write-Ins
2007 Top 25 Hottest Female News Anchors, Reporters & News Personalities (Cable and Non)
Top 35: Bonus Round
this is really nice _ response
_ Re: Hottest Guest on RedEye Thus Far _
Re: Julia Allison
Things We’re Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Media
Life as We Think We Know It _How Old Is Earth? _Do We Really Know?
Rachel Marsden / RedEye _ And, Courtney Friel
Page Hopkins
The Brilliance of Brian Kilmeade
Ben Stein Questions
David Kirsch: the Chateau Marmont Plan
This show has good flow _ Americas News Room
Red Eye - Originality?
Norah Jones Interview on 60 Minutes
Do the Grammy's Have an Agenda?
Rusted Root in University Text Book: Exploring the World of Music
Champagne for Breakfast
Re: w/ Dave Navarro tonite
Urine alcohol testing for high school students
Had Dream of Another Terror Attack in U.S.
What men want?
Brainwashing for terror
Courtney Friel Is a Breath of Fresh Air
A woman's 9 and a half size shoe
Ryan Seacrest w/ the lovely Courtney Friel
Hard Rock will donate proceeds from its “March on Stage” concert series to Music Rising
3.08.07 - Private Show - New York City, NY - Hard Rock Cafe
Greg's "everyday artwork"
Rachel Marsden Speaks French
Jonathan Pig Face
Iraqi butt guy
Hi Megyn
Hi Julie
Britney's new addiction _
Rachel Vs. Eddie Vedder _ Request for Guest
Greg's absurd creativity
Is Bill really Gay?
Relentless Rachel
Rachel Marsden and Juliet Huddy
Hottest Guest on RedEye Thus Far _
Heidi Collins Interview w/ Arwa Damon on Reporting Everyday Iraq
Hi Gretchen
Gov. Rendell
"we worship you lord Brian"
Megyn Kelly on O'Reilly Factor
True rebels
i have some beads for you
Dear Dr. Manny
Brian and Steve
CNN Newsroom Q: What Would You Like to Hear From the President Tonight?
Re: Britain's Royal Family _ Lisa Bernhard on w/ John Scott
Lisa Bernhard on w/ John Scott
Yea Gators
E.D., you made it on CNN Newsroom
PrimeTime Paula
These Muslims Need the Peyote
One of My Favorite Entertainment Correspondents
Funniest Anchor on Morning NEWS
Past F&F Guests We Hope We Don't See in 2007 _ Top 5
Giants Vs. Eagles
Do i need to edit my listing?
Hockey in Pittsburgh _ Pens Vs. Leafs
This Really Sucks: We're All to Blame _ And Who Are We?
Nepal's mystery "Buddha boy" reappears
Merry Christmas
The Good Shepherd: Jolie, DeNiro and Damon - Larry King Live
interesting perspective from a Special Corps Marine I hung-out with
Video Report & Pic _ Re: Why BrAngelina Won Back My Heart
Question(s) for "Bobby DeNiro"
Danny DeVito & Britney Spears
if I were Katie Holmes I'd...
Dear CNN: Bono & U2
w/out words actors would just be mannequins or mimes anyway
The Fictionist: Human Redemption
Tom Cruise Needs Some Peyote and a Shaman
Questions for the Former Terrorist
Diamonds and Dogs
Jim Morrison's Death Day = July 3rd
5 Stars Would Like to Meet When in L.A. @ Chateau Marmont
New Book: Things We're Afraid To Say
the re-emergence of the hot brunette
A Little Dream of YOU
The Right Decision: Best Intent
if I saw Robin in a restaurant..
E.D. Is a Beautiful Angel
difference between eccentric and weird _ Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise
transmitting Juliet Huddy
Gesticulation _ (Reading the Gestures of EveryDay Media)
email write-ins for content use
Suzanne Malveaux - CNN -

Dear Today
Hi Robin
Dear Steve, Brian and Gretchen:
Hi Soledad
behind the scenes clip

Brooke Anderson @ the Golden Globes
Renee Zewellger
CNN Newsroom Q: What Would You Like to Hear From the President Tonight?
Suzanne Malveaux
1st Avenue Club Minn., MN
Listing: Top Three Double Teams _ What two Fox on FNC would you like to have double-team you
Sarah Jessica Parker in Pittsburgh

Sent Poetry
Hollywood Death Game
out from the shallowland
come again
Pretty Pictures
March 14th
Life Choices
Sunday Morning
come again
Poem of Ecstasy
my everyday girl
suzi foo
The Social Spontaneity of Paris
Repeat the Sound in Joy
Allies and Alibis
Beyond the ancient sun
Jamband Georgia
i知 not gonna let it rain today
chocolate hearts
Dime-Bag Blues
A Better Song Than You
EveryDay People
You might wanna know someday
Intro to Tom Waits
Be Someone
Star Shine
The Female Morning NEWS Anchor
Good Morning L.A.
Blessings From a Modern Day Greek Godess: Dimitra of Beverly Hills
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
Peaceful Night
Playin' Around
You Stir My Soul
War Songs
in the shadows of the sun
Yellow Rose of Texas: (Dedicated to...)
The Universal Language of Zain
Such a Special Girl
Puritanical Hypocrisy: (The Secrets of Governing)
Post Face
my morning girl


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