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Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2006 12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Adriana
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Oh, Adriana – Adriana,
Go get me my guns
I can’t stand to see you
Like this – Like this
My heart’s torn in two
To see you black & blue
Get me my guns –
I’m gonna ride –
From the outskirts of town
I searched all around and
Hunted him down in an alley
It was dark and rainy –
My glasses kind of grainy
Yet I couldn’t believe what
I saw – I saw him with another
She was pinned against the wall
He was slapping this little doll
A little doll like you – Like you
Until he stole that something
And now you’re black & blue
And I can’t stand it – To see you
This way – Oh, Adriana – Adriana,
I called out his name and he turned
Around with disdain for me & my name
“Ah, it’s just you,” he said and came
At me to take me down and smashed
His Old English bottle to the ground
And as I pulled my granddaddy’s .45
I told him to say prayers for I was gonna
Shoot him dead – Shoot him dead and I
Did shoot him dead between the eyes
With granddaddy’s .45 I shot him for you
Like a sea filled with rage and wind
I don’t think it’s a sin -though I know
The sheriff is coming for me now
And I can’t live behind bars in a broken
System with many missing links
So I know what’s best – best for me & you
And I’m going – I’m going to die
But I’ll still be here for you –
I’ll still be here for you –
My ghost will be here for you –
1, 2, 3,    1, 2, 3,   
1, 2, 3,    1, 2, 3,   
1, 2, 3,    1, 2, 3,   
Best of the Yellow Roses,
John    mystrawhat.com
Written June 22, 2006
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