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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: The Social Spontaneity of Paris
To: now@cnn.com
The Social Spontaneity of Paris
People love her.
Adore her.
She's sophisticated fashion
-no matter what side-
A blue bicyclette
Two bouncing balls
She's beautiful.
See how she sparkles.
What light, what brilliant light.
A warm entry -
And, how you never forget 
being inside of her pulsating walls.
She makes you want to come
time & time again and stay forever.
Down where the river flows and
music exudes passion for life -
She is art, history & the future.
Like a hangover I can't forget.
Scenes of her in motion.
I love her everyday life.
I write poetry watching it.
I even admire her shadows
where famous people lie.
How I long to give her my best
strides and watch her glow in
the seductive night of her ways.
Back and forth, side to side,
up and down, on the outskirts,
deep inside and all around -
I like the sounds I hear when
in Paris - Social spontaneity
like an heiress at her best.
She grooms my American eyes.
I feel French eating brie and a
baguette by the fountain head.
Best of the Roses,
John French    mystrawhat.com
January 3, 2007    3:38 a.m.
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