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  Things We're Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Media     
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006  12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: Things Weíre Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Media
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Things Weíre Afraid to Say: Webs of Everyday Media

I think youíre hot
Yeah, youíre not so hot
I used to like to smoke allotÖ
I used to smoke allot of pot
I like allot of people of all
colors, races and creeds
I donít like people of all colors,
races and creeds who are
intolerant of other peopleís
color, race or creed
I vote both republican and democrat
- in the middle of the road, yeah -
It depends on the issue and candidate
Allot of TV, films, books and music
just plain old sucks nowadays
along with allot of fashion
I think a total consuming material world
does not make allot of sense nor
possesses any real meaning of life
Yet I drive a Volvo with turbo and
I have a nice address thatís well kept
and I like organic foods and hotels
like the Waldorf Towers in NYC
and Chateau Marmont in Hollywood
and the Cliffside Inn on Newport, R.I.
and the Stanford Rennaissance Inn on
Knob Hill in San Francisco, California
and the Kenwood Inn & Spa in Sonoma
I watch allot NEWS but not really local
I like Fox & Friends and Paula Zahan Now
I watch NEWS programs on CBS, NBC,
CNN, FNC, MSNBC and ESPN but not ABC
I donít understand why the media was coo-coo
over the provocative film the Blue Lagoon which
showcased the nakedness of a young teen named
Brooke Shields and we all watched by the millions
Yet, now, the media labels people coo-coo for
being on the internet and looking at naked teens
as, all of a sudden, itís a taboo and not mainstream
However, there are a ton of box office movies
that sell the premise and promise of sexy teens
Again, most movies nowadays suck and I donít take
the dangling bait on the shiny sharp hook waiting to
pierce my skin and hook me at the mouth Ė sexxy
or not
I would think it okay for a woman over 18 to pose
as a teenager (i.e. The New Zealand actress who
moved to L.A. and posed as ďlonely girl 15Ē on the
world wide web and captured a huge audience for
her staged web video blogs that many thought were
authentic but were just created by two dudes) Ė yet Ė
I do not think itís okay for real teenagers to pose
and be watched on the world wide web by millions
Is there an honest politician?
I think most authority figures are hypocritical
Nevertheless I believe in the law and believe as
long as there are societies, communities and
civilization itself - there must be laws to govern
The War on Drugs is not working and is all politics
The War on Terror needs to focus and be non-political
I donít care if President Bill Clinton inhaled
I donít care if President Bill Clinton received a
blow-job in the Oval Office by a horny intern
I still watch Friends reruns with my wife
My wife is a C.P.A.
I love my wife
I love my mother and father and brother and sisters
Yet I donít feel like I have to be around them all the time
Iím not ready to have kids yet
I enjoy learning to be less selfish with our Lhasa Apso
The world is overpopulated
Too much emphasis is placed on having children
The word is overpopulated
Since the world is now overpopulated, is lifeís purpose and
meaning to reproduce?
I think allot of stay-at-home-moms are lazy and just
do not want to work in the real world
I think stay-at-home-moms have become a status symbol
and allot of people care more about status than their kids
Whatís wrong with going to church?
I wear a silver crucifix around my neck and the back of it reads,
Ēcall a priest I am a catholic.Ē
Canít you just sit in church and meditate on good and decipher what are man made laws and religious teachings and what is the truth of God, the truth and teachings of Jesus Christ
Allot of people hide behind religion, God and Jesus Christ
Why canít you put a couple of bucs into a church basket
when you pay several for a movie or concert?
I donít go to church regularly but would like to go occasionally
Isnít it all about a mental break anyway?
I love women and view them as Godís artwork
Iím a healthy admirer of Godís artwork
I like to flirt with women flirting with me
I like to work hard and play hard
I like to focus and accomplish tasks and goals
I like to day-dream
There are too many guns in the hands of the wrong people
pulling triggers for the wrong reasons
If you hunt and are not going to eat your ďkillĒ Ė
then you shouldnít be hunting just for the sport Ė
just to kill an animal
Allot of people under 18 are very annoying
Allot of people in their twenties seem lost
Allot of people thirty and above are clueless
There are allot of assholes in this world
There arenít too many truly cool people out there
Allot of people who think theyíre cool arenít
Thereís allot of talent and genius out there
that goes unnoticed
Thereís allot of talent and genius out there thatís
overlooked because of corporate agendas
Publish or perish Ė unfortunately this rules and
has destroyed the publishing industry down to
little poetry journals and magazines
Why should you have to conform to a certain style,
fashion, mode of living if you have something better
to offer?
Most people cannot recognize something better,
something original, genius, organic because they
are too busy trying to conform to norms
Weíve become too politically correct
I like Christmas
I like Easter
I like Halloween
How can things in the media not have spin?
How can words of the media not spin webs?
Are you caught in the web of a big fat spider?
Or are you free like me?
Are you honest like me?
Do you write what you like?
Do you say what you mean?
Do you try and find meaning in everything?
Do you tell your friends you love them?
Do you tell people positive things because
you like to see people succeed and feel
Are there things youíre afraid to say?
Well, Iím a real poet Ė If youíre afraid to say
things Ė Iíll say them for you = Thatís my role
in life = My gift I am thankful and grateful for
Best of the Roses,
John  mystrawhat.com
September 16, 2006
Saturday afternoon
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