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Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006  12:00AM PDT)
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Subject: The Female Morning NEWS Anchor
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The Female Morning NEWS Anchor


The pines framed by the

Depression glass windows

In the moss dining room

with the vintage '76

Ethan Allen set

Were lit with golden morning

Saturday sun light.

Last night and the week

were still in his head

And the email from the young

Penn State University

Girl from the country club pool

still needed responded to


His Lhasa Apso

was now resting quietly

on the hard wood floors

After an invigorating

walk around


streets, his ground

angus beef and treats

And, now,

mixed with the effects

of alcohol

and lack of sleep

He, himself,

was in peaceful bliss and

mentally stimulated

 - in a morning glory

Watching the vibrant,

passionate smoky eyes

of the female NEWS anchor

Which made

him feel butterflies

in his stomach

everyday he watched

her mediate and


her soft luxuriant

nuances and language

of perfect legs

and red succulent lips

The color of fresh

lobsters boiled

and ready to be eaten



was what he needed

along with a day off

a bruised road & a hand full of wheel

-          Knowing what’s real –

What’s worth pursuing and doing -

Distinguished taste

Along with the ability

to tell what

moments and people

Are organic and

warrant being with

Where others

were only suckers

at his feet in

running streams

He crossed

to get to the

other side

of afternoons


Her hair was

shiny and brilliant

Dark like natives



a wealthy




city or town

he found himself in


every morning

he looked for her on TV

-          She made him high –


 like a glass of


Cabernet Sauvignon

Slowly sipped

& masterfully enjoyed.


like the iconic

art work

of stain glass

of cathedrals

and churches

that had

the good

energy of



 and angels singing

in chorus,

delightful pitch

& in harmony

with the cosmos

in an

infinite heaven




she was dreamy,


and desired to kiss her

-          Those wonderful lips –

He wanted

to kiss them

Even if just

Once -

To kiss

her lovely face

With his hand

on her tiny waist

And his legs touching hers

-          A kiss and a soft bite –

And then

he’d walk away


into the mysteries

of everyday



written August 26, 2006

Best of the Roses,

John A. Conte` Jr.


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