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Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: The Good Shepherd: Jolie, DeNiro and Damon - Larry King Live
To: larryking@cnn.com
CC: showbiztonight@cnn.com, cnnnewsroom@cnn.com
Dear Larry,
You did it again.
I watched the re-run of your show w/ The Good Shepherd: Jolie, DeNiro and Damon interview and felt it did not waste my time and delivered the quality I crave.
As I was practicing some lite Kundalini Yoga, I had on your show last night. Working on balancing my energy, healing myself and also applying distant healing techniques for others I did not find your show distracting but rather stimulating.
Jolie, DeNiro and Damon are all very well composed and of the best caliber in acting, in general, for Hollywood = transcendent of what decade.
Allot of actors I find to be shallow and superficial, and, moreover, not very thankful and ungrateful and unaware that if it were not for good words, actors would be mere mimes.
Could you imagine a world w/ out Shakespeare and the ancient Greek and Roman poets? Where would acting be then?
Maybe the silver screen had something to do w/ the status of actors becoming more predominant w/ in the societal eye than poets and other writers, yet, in the big picture, really, where would actors be without good words woven in rich fabric to create a glorious tapestry which overwhelms its audience?
Jolie, DeNiro and Damon all manifested a respectful, thankful, grateful attitude on your show.
It was very intellectually stimulating and I kept thinking to myself that I was viewing something special = something transcendent of time = and something that must have felt like the cool times of the 20's, 30's and 60's.
Jolie fascinates me and I could get lost listening to her while connecting the words w/ those lips and facial structure and brilliant hair.
And, for me, DeNiro changes in every frame. He is an ultimate actor able to encompass the art of acting in regular everyday life = it's in his be-ing, his blood, his mind & soul. He is truly amazing. Furthermore, at times, his look and demeanor remind me of my father. And just one look can command such respect and create fear. I myself and friends of mine have made this comparison. No doubt, DeNiro is one of my all time favorites = an intellectual - an actor who in the ancient craft.
Damon continues to gain my respect when he chooses good scripts and stays focused and respectful, grateful and thankful. He is fortunate to be in the company of DeNiro and Jolie and their guidance and focus and integrity in art and as human beings help elevate his status as a serious actor. Seeing Larry King w/ Jolie, DeNiro and Damon has summoned some respect I had for Damon from Good Will Hunting and The Talented Mr. Ripley.
In conclusion, I will go see The Good Shepherd because of Jolie, DeNiro and Damon on Larry King.
And, once again, you're the best, Larry!  CNN would not be CNN w/ out you. And, really, you are one of the best at "the interview."
Keep on Keeping on............
Best of the Season's Roses,
John A. Conte` Jr.
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