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Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 12:00AM PDT)
From: Send an Instant Message "John French" <mosshead7@yahoo.com>  
Subject: A Little Dream of YOU
To: julie.banderas@foxnews.com
Did you ever have a random dream that is so energizing and amazing that you don't want it to end?
These kind of dreams are refreshing and welcoming...........
Last night, for some reason, I dreamt of you..........
I usually do not see you on the TV but for Saturdays and Sundays which I even missed that this weekend.
Yet, still, last night I dreamt of you and I am still digging it..........
We were "hanging out" and having allot of fun. Though - I would get "distracted" from time to time with a few other women and I'd leave or you'd leave or even when things where fine between us you'd leave to get back at me and make a point - Despite all this drama we were still very loyal to each other and had an apparent connection - Your stomach was amazing and better than all others and you were also very free, liberated and sophisticated - although at first you had a tough exterior that I managed to dissolve and opened you up like a spring blossom and helped you at maintaining a more radiant disposition that was more like a summer bloom.
At any rate, like leaving each other and coming back and like I would wake up and want to fall a sleep again to keep dreaming this - which I successfully did - it was definitely like the feeling of an old comfortable friend or like a favorite worn pocket T-shirt, or like worn, faded Levis w/ soft fray, tears and wholes, or like a favorite corduroy denim style jacket from Kenneth Cole in Chicago, or like an old, university button down oxford from J-Crew that just feels so good against your skin -
It's just something to have dreams like this - I know many people do not dream or are not active in their dreams and certainly do not share them - However, I am not like most people - And I am expressive and like to share to break down unnecessary barriers -
Keep shining on -
Best of the Roses,
John   mystrawhat.com
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